Thursday, January 12, 2017

Winter sea at the Barceloneta beach

A winter sunny day. Ten minutes walking from my flat to the Barceloneta beach, and here is a good occasion for shooting a few photographs of some surfers among the waves and seagulls that seem to be playing with them!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Harlem Jazz Club in Barcelona

The Harlem Jazz Club

Located in the heart of the gothic neighbourhood, this is the oldest concert hall in Barcelona. Live music events, ranging from jazz to raggae, blues or latin, take place most days of the week, all year around. And, as I happen to live right on the first floor of the same building of the club (I can hear the music from the inner patio of my flat, which is just above the club's scenario!!)'s very nice for me to just go downstairs and pop into the club to take pictures af the artists performing on that evening...besides enjoying the intimate and funky environment, have a drink, and chat with friends, among whom are Daniel, the owner, and Elvira, the beautiful bartender and assistant. Every night is different, different concerts matching all music genres, different kind of audience, awesome musicians from allover the world, especially when important music Festivals take place in Barcelona. .This is like a dream come true for me, as I love music, and learning to play guitar, and above all taking pictures through which I try to portray the true feelings transmitted by the artists through their interpretation of their music, the power of their emotions, the way they captivate the audience....My staying in Barcelona is one of the most awesome experiences in my life, and I am really happy to have the chance to live such a dream. Here are some photos I took of  some of the artists during their performance at Harlem Jazz Club, musicians I had the pleasure to meet in person and make friends with some of them.

Here we are at Harlem Jazz Club in Barcelona :-) Ready to start!

Chino and the Big Bet, Barcelona
(blues and swing)

Tori Sparks and Calamento, Barcelona 
(flamenco fusion)

The Rad Trads, from New York 
(genre-bending styling)

Normanton Street, from Brighton 

Todopoderoso Popular Marcial from Buenos Aires
 (Folk music)

Big Mama Montse y Tota

Diego Cortes, here with Dani Cubero, percussionist and flamenco dancer!
(flamenco/jazz fusion)

Domino Swing Quartet
(jazz manouche)


Crazy Red Balls
(Swing, Jazz)

The Jazz Cannibals, street performers from New Orleans
(Jazz, Swing)

Just for Funk

Oneida James, bass player for Joe Cocker for 14 years, here performing with her band

Ray Cuza and his band
(Cuban music)

Virginia and the Woolfs
(Blues and Soul)

... and Elvira, dear friend !! :-)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Barcelona: The Beach

Barcelona and its beach....the colours of its sky...the people.... There is never a dull moment in this town and it's always very pleasant to walk to the sea, in any season of the year. Winter is mild and there's always something going on ...and any time is a good occasion to take a few pictures to portray the atmosphere and catch a moment of life in order to keep it in one's memory and in one's heart. Forever